Grandparents Day Soft Opening

IMG_8143 2.jpgThe day is finally here…after the chaos of the renovation over the summer and a good portion of the fall semester, we finally get to show off our new space.  It looks fantastic, but definitely a little “hospital” like.  The students need to to get in here and start using the space and break it in. Also, more than half of our equipment hasn’t shown up yet which is slightly concerning and restricting. The robotics field is definitely the showcase for the time being and the 3d printers are out and operational.  Currently, the laser cutter is on order and should arrive in the beginning of November. We are getting a drill press and I have yet to unpack all the power tools.  Laurel is experimenting with Little Bits and Arduinos but is holding off on showcasing it until she gets student involvement and a little more familiarity.

From our in service day on Tuesday October 13, there is a lot of interest from the Middle School Faculty to use the STEAM space and I’m optimistic we will be busy the rest of this semester.  Signups have already started! Our signup for the space mimics the Middle School Library signup…very low tech manual sign up with pencil and paper.  We opted not to go with a virtual and sharable document because we want faculty to talk to us about their planned project and how we can help them.   We also just don’t want faculty to block time haphazardly to prevent others from signing up.  We will keep it in our office for easy access.

For now there is a lot of shock and awe value for this new space so for the soft opening on Grandparents Day, it served its purpose well.  It has a lot of potential and no time like the present to make it a success!

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