With the anticipation of actually getting eyes on the renovated space behind us, this past week was used to primarily unpack all of our tools and materials.  Sure there was periodic traffic, but with no classes in the space and 8th graders on a  week long LEAP trip, we could really focus on the set up.  The problem though was that all the tools we ordered were still not delivered.  Sure, we could put away and organize what we could, but for me, the picture wasn’t complete because I know I will reorganize things when the balance of the materials come in.  Our laser cutter is still a few weeks out as well.

We also have compiled a list of rules that we borrowed from the upper school robo-den and other maker spaces around the country.  By no means is it complete, but we need something for the students to abide by. We organized the rules in terms of what you should do before you enter the STEAM lab, what you do while in the STEAM lab, and what you should do before you leave the STEAM lab.  We shared these rules with select classes, had them review the draft and discuss in groups regarding whether the rules make sense and we had some excellent feedback. The students even highlighted some oversights or things that may be confusing to the average middle schooler at Westminster.  Attached to this post is Version 1 of our rules which will continue to be refined and consolidated over the next year.  IMG_8258

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