High Tech High Visit

This week we both made a trip out to San Diego to visit the High Tech High campus and observe how they function in their P.B.L. focused curriculum.  Before embarking, a major concern was who would have eyes on this space while Laurel and myself were gone?  At this stage of development, since the lab is still new, since demand was not high Danette and Leslie Ann said they would be keeping an eye on it.  However in the future, Laurel and I will likely not travel together so one of us can oversea the lab.  However, if it is something unpreventable, we will have no choice but to train people so the lab can function outside the two of us.  Getting people trained won;t be a problem…the issue is making sure we strategically select the correct people to be our eyes and ears.  More on this will occur in the second semester.

As for our trip, it was inspiring and eye opening.  Attached are our collective thoughts of our  High Tech High Visit in the form of a slideshow.  The lessons learned from this visit will inform the development of the STEAM lab in the months ahead.


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