Great Start to the New Year!!!

We’re Back and had a busy week last week.

The Econ/Shark Tank class utilized the collaborative space this week as the students got the feet wet on understanding the Design Thinking Process.

We got the LASER CUTTER UP AND RUNNING!! We were able to cut the Westminster logo into cardboard, chipboard and, plexi-glass.

On Wednesday, we got a visit from the Upper School’s Jan Term Making and DIY Culture class. In this class, students build, create, take apart, repurpose, etc. It was great to see some of the kids I used to teach come for a visit to the Middle School. We gave them a basic tour of the space, a demo of the laser cutter and foam cutter. They were impressed with both!!!

Laurel met with band teacher, Paige Barber to discuss possible how kids can make their own instruments. She got inspiration from and Hopefully near the end of January/beginning of February, we will have some home-made instruments.

Jenny Baker, a resident art teacher started a project with her 6th grade. They are going through the design thinking process to design Maker Carts to provide outreach to the rest of the school!

And finally we capped off the week with our Admissions Day. This is the day where potential parents and kids visit our school to determine if they want to apply. I hosted my 7th Grade Honors math class in the space as well as a host of 8th graders and parents. In my math, we used TI-Navigator. While not really a STEAM activity it was a great opportunity to show prospective students the space. With the other ‘class’, the 8th graders and prospective parents tinkered around with Little Bits. By the end of the 25 minutes, 1 group had a working robot!


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