Full STEAM Ahead!

We are back at it and running at full STEAM here at The Westminster Schools. This year we again have lots of exciting activities occurring in the STEAM Innovation Lab. Robotics was able to meet throughout the summer to work on projects, therefore we already have robots in progress. The kids have lots of great ideas and are excited for the semester ahead of us.

The “Shark Tank” economics class is learning special problem-solving techniques. Last week’s assignment included a project where they designed chairs that solved at least two problems for a character in Scooby Doo. The students then built a prototype of their chair using materials and equipment from an Art Cart in the STEAM Lab. We have five mobile carts that are fully functioning, and allow for classrooms to become labs, as well as the Lab space itself, making these Innovation capabilities more accessible to all the students in the school. Additionally, the carts have different themes such as the Art Cart, a Cooking Cart, and a Tool Cart.

We have two interns from Georgia Tech working in the lab, and they have the same name! Casey is a senior biology student, and Casie is a senior civil engineering student. This was their first week. They will be working both in the Innovation Lab with students as well as with behind the scenes tasks to improve the Lab. Right now, they are working with the laser cutter to get our STEAM Lab Rules nicely printed up on the walls. This visual reminder of the conduct appropriate to the STEAM Lab will help improve safety as we progress into the rest of the year. They will be working hard this year to make the Lab even more of an incredible place to learn.

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