Bristle Bots Round 2!

img_1156Week Two of prototyping for the Bristle Bot went extremely well. We have our final design. The smaller motor and battery worked really well to balance the little robot! It mostly travels in circles, but it is definitely unique and exciting. We are going to use these batteries and motors for the event. Planning can now proceed with hunting for materials, making instruction manuals, and figuring out the logistics for the actual day!
Around the lab this week, we finished up printing the rules for the lab off of the laser cutter, and got them hung up on the wall! Additionally, an inventory of all of the items in both the Fabrication and Innovation Lab was completed. We have derived a unique organization system, so that any teacher or student could look at the inventory, find what they need, and find it easily in the lab. We have lots of drawers and cabinets, so all of the cabinets will receive a number label and all the drawers will receive a letter label. There will be printed lists on the outside of each drawer/cabinet so you will know exactly where to find the tool that you are looking for. Yay for clean lab spaces!

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