New Improvements

Our STEAM Lab is constantly undergoing improvements, and this week is no exception! We were able to set up a Band Saw and a Hazmat cabinet.  These tools will definitely help us to expand our creation capabilities.

Mr. Mackay’s advertising class made stamps this week using the laser cutter. The students made their design in Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop. The designs were transferred to the laser cutter and etched onto thin rubber. The designs were then cut out from the large sheet using an X-acto knife to make them stamp sized. The final products are so neat!

We have figured out how we will be assembling kits for the Maker Faire. All of the different parts have been ordered and they are on their way. Mrs. Baker’s art class is designing different arenas for the little brush bots to compete. Friday was their brainstorming day, and they have really good ideas like a spiral maze, a basketball themed court, and a race track. They also want to make a Large “Botzilla” to compete against everybody else.

Lastly, we have begun lab training for Mrs. Weiniger’s Shark Tank economics class. The first round of students went through safety training on Friday, and the rest of the classes will complete it on Monday. The students are being trained on the drill, electrical soldering, hot glue guns, box cutters, Xacto knives, and the foam cutter. They go through all of the stations, demonstrate their grasp of the safety components, and are working to put all the pieces together to make a little bike. This helps to show how we work on many different skills to complete a final product.

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