Our Robotics had their first competition on Saturday, and guess who successfully placed first?!?! That’s right! Our very own Wiredcats! A picture (and videos) are worth a thousand words! Check out this awesome collection of video and pictures of our team competing! Also, we have some final products from the tape art from Mrs. Baker’s … More Champions!


This week, the lab was occupied with two different sets of classes working on projects. Mrs. Weininger’s Shark Tank economics class was building the first set of prototypes for their projects. The students have a wide variety of projects including improved sports equipment, self-closing containers, toilet seat lights, water filters, pot stirrers, and other exciting … More Prototyping

Arduino Training

As students begin to develop their Science Fair projects, we have begun Arduino training during Office Hours in the STEAM Lab. Many students will be using Arduino components of programming for their science fair experiments, and we have purchased Sparkfun Inventor Kits to help students learn how to program. Our training last week was on … More Arduino Training

Maker Faire

The Maker Faire was a HUGE success! Our Brush Bots were so popular that we ended up running out of materials at the end of both Saturday and Sunday. By the end of Day 1, we had gone through 300 brushbot kits! We had makers of all ages who loved making their own brushbot. We … More Maker Faire