Future Cities

Have you ever stopped to think about what our planet will look like 100 years from now? How have our cities changed over the last 100 years? These are questions that a few students from Mrs. Bleich’s and Mr. Mackey’s Future Cities classes are trying to tackle. The Westminster Middle School is competing in this year’s Georgia Future Cities competition against a number of other schools. Each year, a different theme is presented, and students have to complete five deliverables throughout the process including a project plan, a virtual city design using SimCity, an essay, a scale model of the city, and a seven minute presentation. This week, we began modeling cities. On Monday, the students were trained, and throughout the remainder of the week our students began to create their scale models using the resources in the STEAM lab.

More information of Future Cities can be found here.  

How much more will robots influence our lives in 100 years? Some of our students might be at the forefront of this exciting field in a few years! Our Middle School Robotics Team had another successful weekend at the Fellowship Christian School VEX Robotics Regional Qualifier. They ended as champions yet again! Congratulations Wired Cats! The robotics program is growing and we now have a group of middle school girls learning the beginning of VEX robots. Another group of young women in 7-12th grade are part of our Girls Who Code Club. They are currently learning how to make websites so that they can develop their own!

Additionally, we are gearing up for SHARK WEEK here in the STEAM Lab. Mrs. Weiniger’s Shark Tank Economics classes have been preparing their projects all semester and the time has finally come to show them off! This week has been a week of finishing up last minute pieces to prototypes and preparing pitches for the presentations that will be given next Wednesday through Friday. We are so proud of the students for all of their hard work and are excited for them to impress our sharks.

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