Orchestra and Advertising

Course: Junior Chamber Orchestra

Teachers: Bo Na & Rebecca Colborg Frederick
Students: 6th-8th grade 

Description of project:
For our project, students wrote, designed, and recorded their own advertisement to recruit future orchestra students. They had to pick from one of the two orchestra pieces we were playing (Ludwig’s Tangl or Amadeus) for their sound track of their commercials. Their goal was to persuade students to pick Orchestra as their middle school arts elective.
To introduce the project, we had our advertising teachers, Catherine Zidow and Colin Mackey come to our orchestra class to talk about good advertising elements, different types of persuasive concepts (logos, ethos, & pathos), various aspects of shooting a commercial (using camera angles and sound clips). Our Innovation/STEAM teacher, Tim Shabanowitz also came to show the students how to use the equipment properly on the Photo/Video Cart which includes the video cameras, lights, microphone, and green screen.
Students were put into seven groups and had seven weeks to plan, record, and edit their projects. When we came back from spring break, we had a celebration and watched all the advertisements as a class. The winning two advertisements will be played for the Lower School’s Presto Orchestra class and can be previewed at the end of this blog entry.
In the future, we would like to give students time to put their shooting plans together in class between introducing the project and filming. During the planning time, we need to know who is in the shots and we want every student to be shown in the advertisement, whether they have a behind-the-scenes job or not. We wish they were more responsible in knowing when their group was going to be shooting, so students coming in/out of the room were less distracting. We also would like to give them a little more editing time in class.
This project took more time that we were expecting, and we feel the students needed a little more time than we had. They also needed more guidance through the steps (i.e., shooting plan due before actually recording, then rationale due before editing begins, and finally the edited advertisement) from us.

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