The Outsiders Returns

The Sixth Grade English students extended their understanding of the novel The Outsiders by creating a model town based on the text. The students had to construct the town based on scale models and guided by the descriptions in the book. The students in each class began with complete autonomy, only guided by the framework the book provided. All eleven sections of the sixth grade English classes produced a 4′ x 8′ 

rendition of the unnamed town, including important scenes like the burning church, the fountain and park, the school, and the different neighborhoods. The models differed yet all had the essential design. Part of the learning was using tools, observing safety guidelines, and transforming simple clay, paint, cardboard and other materials.In the reflections made by the students, the following was said—

I loved making things with my hands…
We all worked together to create a town
It was a different way to learn about setting.

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