A Recipe for Success

The Innovation staff is available for teacher drop ins throughout the day to discuss curriculum development, project scheduling, and training on the tools.

Jona Braden, the Assistant Athletic Director and Varsity Volleyball Head Coach, dropped by the lab to get help with a project for her team.

Coach Braden knows that character development is just as important as strengthening the girls’ skills on the volleyball court. This season, she is using cooking recipes as a metaphor for team chemistry. Everyone comes to the team with their unique personalities, or ingredients, that can add or take away from the ‘taste’ of the team. Certain flavors can definitely make for strong individuals, but too much of one thing can be overwhelming to the overall mixture. Balance and complimentary elements are key to success.

For several weeks, Coach Braden collected small measuring cups from protein shakes and came into the lab to have holes made in the handles. We trained her on the drill press, and the results were great! Each member of the volleyball team decorated the measuring cups with adjectives that describe them and what they added to the team. They then attached the cups to their bookbags using zip-ties.


Great idea, Coach Braden, and thanks for stopping by the Innovation Lab!

We hope to see more faculty and students stopping by the lab to enhance their project ideas!


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