Steamy Self Portraits

From taking selfies to painting self-portraits, creating art in ones image is a classic yet interesting way to catalog where you are and reflect on who you are at a place in time.

Students in Ms. Hurd’s art classes took a twist on the classic self-portrait by studying the major sections of the brain and creating images that are representative of themselves.


Ms. Hurd’s Self-Portrait Lesson Plan

  1. The Hook – Intrigue student interest in studying the brain with stories, like that of Phineas Gage.
  2. Direct Instruction – Describe and discuss the 6 major lobes of the brain and their functions.
  3. Think – Do a series of sketchbook activities to engage students in thinking about themselves, especially their personalities.
  4. Pair & Share – ideas out to the class.
  5. Trace silhouette onto cardboard.
  6. Trace and cut out different lobes of the brain.
  7. Use different materials (markers, pencils, etc) to create multimedia collage.
  8. Attach lobes in appropriate place.
  9. Display!

Thanks, Ms. Hurd, for inspiring our students everyday!


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