Crazy for Cricut!

A few weeks ago, my sister-in-law made me this tumbler with my name and school logo on it. How did she make those amazing stickers? The Cricut machine! After testing out one, we ordered 2 more!


I had my 7th grade science students use the Cricut Air to make lettering, stencils, and cut-outs for their Respiratory Disease Poster Projects. They took about two minutes to figure out how it worked, then they were off and making!


A few days later, Mrs. Gayanilo came to the lab looking to Steam up a project for 6th grade World Cultures. The students are studying West African Adinkra symbols. This year, the students made posters; check out her lesson plan here! Next year, we are hoping to really up our game by have students laser cut wooden stencils, then paint fabric (perhaps a hat or t-shirt) or use the Cricut to cut iron on vinyl.

The 6th graders required a lot more supervision and assistance because their symbols were a bit more complex, but the posters looked pretty good!


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