The 8th grade Science Fair is definitely my favorite academic event of the year, and the 2017 candidates absolutely impressed the judges. Will Jenkins loves to play tennis and realized that tennis balls need to be assessed by professional hands to determine if they should be reused. He did hundreds of tests to determine the … More SCIENCE FAIR!!

STEAMy Smoothies!!

7th grade girls in Coach Roberts and Coach Stout’s PE classes were busy in the lab, cooking up a storm of delicious smoothies! The girls are studying nutrition and how each nutrient helps the body to stay healthy and functioning properly. A plethora of ingredient options were out on the tables, and the girls worked … More STEAMy Smoothies!!

Making Africa

Say the word “French,” and for many of us, visions of chocolate crepes and the Eiffel Tower come to mind. But did you know that Africa has 31 French speaking countries that includes approximately 115 million people? French students in Mme. Orsini’s classes studied African proverbs that were then translated into wearable art made in … More Making Africa