End of Semester Crunch Time!

We are only weeks away from the end of Fall 2017, and that means deadlines are quickly approaching for semester course projects. Office Hours is a bustling hub of activity!! Here’s a few things that were happening today!

Science Fair & Shark Tank Economics

Students work all semester to research and develop their ideas, write research papers, and build prototypes. Shark Tank presentations are this Thursday and Friday! Alumni living near and far come to evaluate student work. The Science Fair is Tuesday, November 28, with the big showcase from 10:10am-11:15 throughout the school hallways, and individual judging throughout the day. Last year, our very own Ananya Ganesh won the Science Award at the National Broadcom Masters Science Fair!!!

Here are a few students wrapping up their projects!

Stephen and Aran are making a wind powered cell phone charger. 

Jackson has studied the sun’s position, and is making a solar panel mount that will follow the trajectory of the sun to maximize solar potential energy. He’s making the mount from parts crafted in the steam lab, like our laser cutter, and also modifying purchased parts with the drill press.


Future Cities

Sophie and Samantha finish painting sky scrapers for their scale model.

FC build

Math Bench Project

Alessandro and Mr. Shabanowitz start to put the pieces of the Math class bench together by cutting a huge metal pipe!


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