The 8th grade Science Fair is definitely my favorite academic event of the year, and the 2017 candidates absolutely impressed the judges.

Will Jenkins loves to play tennis and realized that tennis balls need to be assessed by professional hands to determine if they should be reused. He did hundreds of tests to determine the height that a tennis ball should bounce to decide if it can be used again. This takes lots of time and energy- could it be done robotically? Using Vex systems he learned on the robotics team, he made a machine to get the job done faster. You place the ball in the machine, and the sensors determine the bounce height and if it can be used again. Will is in my advisement, so Im a little biased, but I think that it is really clever and well done!! Check it out in this video!


Will has a lot of competition to make it into the top ten and on to regionals!!  Here is a quick slide show:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Parents, community visitors, and younger classes were invited to roam the Clarkson Hall corridors from 10:15-11:15am, where all projects were on display, and students told the crowds about their research projects.  Students hoping to advance their projects to Regionals were judged by a panel of 3 faculty members during their science class. They were scored on their experimental design, presentation, and poster board.

Top ten blue ribbon winners that will go on to the Regional Science Fair will be announced at the all school Monday Morning Meeting on December 4th.

Those familiar with our competition know that our 2016 blue ribbon winner, Ananya Ganesh, went all the way to the National Science Fair in Washington DC where she won the Science Award!!

A+ kind of day!! GO CATS!!!


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