Future City Update

It’s the last week for students in Future Cities to work on their projects. Once the final touches are made on their research papers and models, they will make their final presentations in class next week.


This was an unexpectedly fun class to be a part of. I’ll have to admit, when I first saw it on my course listings, I wasn’t sure of how it would go, but now that we are close to the end, I really like it. The students have been very self-motivated throughout the entire process, taking ownership of their work and learning a lot of hands-on and team building skills throughout, making it a great elective choice. Of course, we could tweak a few things– like giving more prep time to the moving part of the model and also considering allowing the students to choose the main focus of their city (we went with the competition standards, requiring them to focus on an elderly friendly city, which was a bit of a hard sell- we could have prepped it better ..but, still a very fun overall process..). So far, it only looks like a hand full of teams want to come back in January to compete against other schools at the regional competition, hosted at Kennesaw State University, but those who are interested are very excited about it; we sent two teams last year, and this year, it looks like 4-5 teams.

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