Hue Animation, the New Software in Town

Students in Mrs. Mares’ classes wrote their own stories to practice their French writing skills.  To also incorporate speaking skills, she thought that stop motion animation would be a fun way to elevate their stories, but as most know, stop motion is a very time consuming adventure, so she came to the steam team for help (and we love new project ideas)!

We ordered ten Hue Animation kits. These kits come with a special webcam, software, and easy video sharing tools. So far, they are working great! Since Mrs. Weininger’s Econ for Entrepreneurs classes had finished up their Shark Tank presentations last week, they also experimented with the kits to help us work out some of the kinks and help make better instructions (with the Macs, the cameras will sometimes bug out- but if you click on the audio tab, then go back to the video, you can choose the usb camera- yes, strange, but an easy work around).

Here are a few videos they made!

We look forward to getting some completed French stories next week!

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