First Aid Training for STEAM Faculty

Our Steam Lab has always had safety rules and first aid kits, but this semester the Steam Team faculty committed to taking a careful look at our procedures and improving safety protocols.


This August, Clarkson Hall (the middle school building) got our own nurses’ station and nursing team, lead by Mrs. McCauley. This installation has been monumentally helpful at getting students, faculty, and staff the care that they need promptly, so that they can return back to class or be sent home. The nurses’ station is located just up the stairs from the Steam Lab, making it very easy for us to get the best help when we need it!

After Nurse McCauley settled into her new office, she helped us to order approximately $800 of new gear to improve the two first aid kits in the lab. Some of my favorite new items are the Quikclot Combat GauzeSWAT-T Pressure Dressing, and the Water-Jel Burn Kits. Hopefully we will never have to use these kits, but we have them in the case of a traumatic injury. Our biggest injury inducer has been the hot glue guns. Even low-temperature glue guns operate at 250ºF.  Luckily, we’ve only had burns (much) smaller than dime size so far.

This week, the Steam Team faculty took an first aid, CPR, and AED intensive course. The first 4 hours, we completed the American Heart Association online course individually, followed by a 4 hour practical class lead by Lower School Nurse lead, Mrs. Frances Seminara. If your department would be interested in a class, please contact her directly!

I absolutely love the new CPR manikins that Westminster has! On their shoulder (you might be able to see this in the video if you look closely) there are two green lights that appear if your depth and rate of compressions are correct; so fancy!!!

We had a lot of fun, walking through different scenarios and practicing what we would do in an emergency situation.

Westminster takes safety very seriously. We have 4 nursing stations located across campus, in addition to the trainers in Turner Gym. At the beginning of every school year, all faculty and staff take short, but mandatory first aid, CRP, and AED training in addition to code green, code red, and fire drills. Here is a map from May 2017 of our campus AEDs and Epipens. Westminster also boasts a 2 mile running trail that circles the 180 acre campus. This trail has emergency call buttons located throughout. Every cross country season, us coaches are sure to point these out to the students and encourage them to be used if the students need help or suspect unsafe trail conditions that need immediate attention.

AED Map 2017


While we love all the laser cutters, table saws, 3-D printers, and hot glue guns, safety has to be our number one priority to make for the best steam lab ever!! GO CATS!!

One thought on “First Aid Training for STEAM Faculty

  1. I am so grateful to send my children to a school where there is such beautiful collaboration among colleagues to provide students with such incredible (and safe!) learning experiences.


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