Quick Steam Lessons for Advisor’s Choice

At Westminster, we have 45 minute “Advisor’s Choice” sessions with homeroom groups (about 8-10 students each) a few times a month, and like every school, we also sometimes have wonky schedules. If you’re looking for something different, consider checking out Steam Lab equipment for the class period!

Mrs. Weininger used her extra class yesterday to try out Ardunios. The boards might look intimidating, but the Lab has step-by-step guide books (and you can have one of the lab managers teach your class too!). Chapter 1 is making a light blink. The first time you try it (pair grouping recommended), it takes about 30 minutes to get it going, but it’s incredibly satisfying and very doable. What a great bonding experience to have with your kids!

The lab has cooking supplies, sewing machines, power tools, art supplies, Cricuts (sticker maker :-), and more that can be put on carts and delivered right to your classroom or you can come to us! So transform your next Advisor’s Choice into a fun, hands-on learning experience!

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