Entrepreneurs Test Out Lab Equipment

This week, Mrs. Weininger’s Econ for Entrepreneurs classes are getting hands on experience with a lot of the lab equipment. We usually assume that the students know how to use everything, but getting reminders and extra practice always helps.

Day 1

Station 1: cutting cardboard with box cutters and Xacto knives

Station 2: painting

Station 3: hot glueing

Station 4: band saw

Station 5: electric screw driver

Day 2

Station 1: Arduino

Station 2: sewing machine

Day 3

Station 1: Fusion (3D printing)

Station 2: Adobe Illustrator (Cricut and Laser Cutter)

Reviewing the basics ensures that everyone in the class knows what is available in the lab. This will hopefully open their minds to more creative work and projects!


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