FitCat II Heart Zone Training

Coach Stout and Coach Roberts came to the lab, insisting that Heart Zones heart rate monitors, zone and training system would enhance workouts and fitness in our girls’ Physical Education program. The Steam Lab was very excited to investigate. Along with the coaches, we met with Heart Zone representatives, and were thoroughly impressed by their presentations. With the goal of positively impacting their cardiovascular training, we were able to get a class set of heart rate monitors tested out by the 7th grade girls FitCats II class. It seems like the coaches and athletes are seeing great results from this differentiated method of heart rate monitoring as a part of their regular cardiovascular training days.

Teachers can set goals for individual athletes, pushing top athletes as well as beginners to perform at different levels of cardiovascular training. Users can view and save their individual results, as well as being able to compare their heart rate live in the classroom.

Screen Shot 2018-01-26 at 6.26.42 PM

The main objectives of the Steam Lab is to enhance curriculum by incorporating technology and other steam based principals. If you would like to try out a new idea or new equipment, come and see us in the lab!

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