Making Gifs

Gifs are short video clips that repeat on an endless loop. For the first time this semester, students making presentations in my 7th grade science class used gifs to demonstrate content. For example, here is a gif of a hinge joint in the elbow.

Instead of using a static photo, a gif beautifully shows the audience exactly how the joint is working. The uses of silent video shorts and gifs are a great enhancement to any presentation.

And this got me thinking– students should make their own visual content! Taking pictures is easy, and videos are made with iMovie, but what about Gifs? It’s actually quite simple too. Go to and create an account. Then upload a short video, edit the video length, add text and/or stickers, click “create” and you’re done! You can pull the gif from the website or also use the app on your phone. Here is how one art teacher incorporated gifs students drew to teach different elements of art.

I’ve required students to use their own pictures or make their own videos before, but students need a lot of help when it comes to the finer details of creating a successful visual content. Here is a video that Mr. Mackey made for our classes a few years back on how to make a good cooking video– but a lot of the framing, lighting, editing tips will work for any project.

For fun, below is the Gif I made today.

Go Cats!



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