Cinderella is the STEAM Queen..

Today marks my 6th month in the Steam Lab! I’ve learned SO0O0ooo much in the short amount of time that I’ve been an employee of the lab.

On some days, you feel like Disney’s poor Cinderella, toiling away with ruined paint brushes that will never clean and spilled glue… Will the children ever learn to keep up after themselves?!? How can the logistics and systems be easier for everyone!?! How does that machine work again?!?

But in other moments, the glass slipper fits so well! Prince Charming (aka Tim Shanowitz) and all the Fairy Godmothers (Danette Morton, Bob Ryshke, Francisco Simbana, Jane Simpkins, Jenny Baker, Kelly Weininger, Patrick Egan, Carolina Mares, and the entire IT department and Facilities.. just to name a few people) make the NAIS Ball so rewarding and fun!

Family and friends admire all that you’ve been a part of!!


So many projects forced me to learn how all the saws, 3D printer, laser cutter, cameras, and endless supplies to make Steam Dreams come to life! I went from never setting foot in a Home Depot to being Tim Shabanowitz/YouTube University undergraduate. It’s sort of like the Dahlonega Mine Train when you’re 8 years old- it’s exhilarating to get strapped in, midway through you question your motives, but then you want to ride again!

Overall, I’d say that I love working in the lab. Being in the space hits on all of the things I really enjoy about school life- including a lot of people, systems, logistics, reorganizing again and again, and learning as you go. No matter how close you feel to a perfect system- a new class, technology, mishap, or gadget joins the lab, and you’re on your toes again.

Sometimes, you trade in the (hopefully) docile, congenial Cinderella for yourself on the cover of a Wonder Woman movie poster. You make plans, execute, and help teachers and students reach their curriculum and assessment goals with assertiveness and authority!

23509154_854923839144_6797832771215733447_o It’s been a great ride so far. Looking forward to more Disney/DC Comic build up, climax, fairy tale dreams come true, and so many more (S)heroic experiences along the way!  GO CATS!

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