PIANO in the Lab!

Over the weekend, an upright piano was delivered to the MS Innovation Lab. It’s for a Spanish-Art-History-Service class project (Ms. Orsini, Baker, Glass, and Campbell). They will re-paint it in the spirit and interests Plaza Fiesta. It’s part of a long standing program by Play Me Again Pianos. Pianos can be found all over Atlanta … More PIANO in the Lab!

Latin America Project

6th grade students in Ms. Veatch and Ms. Gayanillo’s World Cultures classes came to the lab this week to bring life their Latin America project. Students selected a country, and made a cardboard cut out using Adobe Illustrator and the laser cutter. Then students studied the country, and found a unique feature to put on … More Latin America Project

Building Models for First Aid/Tourniquet Practice

In 7th grade Human Biology, students study the cells, tissues, and organs that make us who we are, but they also study basic first aid and rescue skills to help others. Ellen LaGrone, the school’s head nurse, asked if we could make arm models for a tourniquet practice session with facilities and security staff on … More Building Models for First Aid/Tourniquet Practice