Building Models for First Aid/Tourniquet Practice

In 7th grade Human Biology, students study the cells, tissues, and organs that make us who we are, but they also study basic first aid and rescue skills to help others.

Ellen LaGrone, the school’s head nurse, asked if we could make arm models for a tourniquet practice session with facilities and security staff on campus. I thought that it would be great skill for the 7th graders to practice wound care and a chance to get into the Innovation Lab.

Since I was busy helping the kids, I dont have many pictures, but here is the procedure if you want to build your own.

First: Build a Tourniquet arm/leg model Materials:

3 feet of 3/4″ PVC pipe
1 pool noodle
1 PVC elbow joint
1 PVC 3 way joint


1. Starting at one end of the PVC pipe, carefully measure 3 six inch sections with a pencil.

2. Now measure to make sure that you have eighteen inches left for the long piece.

3. Using either the band saw or a hack saw, cut out 3 six inch pieces and 1 eighteen inch piece of PVC pipe.

4. Using one elbow joint and one 3-way joint, construct the base of the arm model. (see photo)

5. Now, starting at the far end of a noodle, mark off 16 inches with a pencil.

6. Using a foam cutter, cut out your 16 inches of pool noodle.

7. Slide the pool noodle onto the 18 inch section of PVC pipe.


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