PIANO in the Lab!

Over the weekend, an upright piano was delivered to the MS Innovation Lab.

It’s for a Spanish-Art-History-Service class project (Ms. Orsini, Baker, Glass, and Campbell). They will re-paint it in the spirit and interests Plaza Fiesta. It’s part of a long standing program by Play Me Again Pianos. Pianos can be found all over Atlanta that have been refurbished by this program and Westminster students/faculty/staff.

Initially, I was super nervous about having a piano in the lab–


My mom had a super fancy baby grand piano growing up. She is an accomplished pianist and teacher; it was surely a dream of hers that us kids would take to it. But alas- 3 kids later- not one of us knows beyond the basics! This piano was sacred in our house- Try to rest your elbow on the wood or a paper on this instrument, and you’d never hear the end of it (this is the kid me talking of course!– yeah, as an adult too). Most recently, my mother retired and donated the baby grand to our primary school (how epically sweet and selfless is that– she had this piano since she was 13!!). I never got into playing, but seeing pictures of it being carried away still makes me nostalgic. I miss the Saturdays of coming home from a 3 hour swim practice just wishing for some quiet! Funny, but true.



A PIANO In the LAB?!? What about paint spills?!? Will a students think that it’s scrap wood?!?

..Of course not!!

Instead- this happen- ALL DAY!!


It made me sooo happy!! For a super rainy, floods eminent kind of day, it was a real treasure.


Hopefully the project won’t start for a couple weeks, so that we can hear some great music coming out of the lab- just in time for Christmas!


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