PIANO in the Lab!

Over the weekend, an upright piano was delivered to the MS Innovation Lab. It’s for a Spanish-Art-History-Service class project (Ms. Orsini, Baker, Glass, and Campbell). They will re-paint it in the spirit and interests Plaza Fiesta. It’s part of a long standing program by Play Me Again Pianos. Pianos can be found all over Atlanta … More PIANO in the Lab!

Building Models for First Aid/Tourniquet Practice

In 7th grade Human Biology, students study the cells, tissues, and organs that make us who we are, but they also study basic first aid and rescue skills to help others. Ellen LaGrone, the school’s head nurse, asked if we could make arm models for a tourniquet practice session with facilities and security staff on … More Building Models for First Aid/Tourniquet Practice

Fashion Icons

Students in Mrs. Finlayson’s theater class are making outfits for the stage! Each girl selected their music/performance icon, then drafted how to build one of their famous costumes out of duct tape and recycled materials. They have a few more days in the lab, but their progress has been fabulous.

Back in Business!!

School has started and the Innovation Lab is back open for business!! If you’ve got a great idea for your class, come sign up in the lab with one of the managers! You can also sign out tools and materials to take back to your STEAMy classroom!! We’ve added a few new items, including this … More Back in Business!!

3D Printer Upgrade!!!

The Innovation Lab opened in October 2015 with two Up Mini 3D printers. These printers worked great for us, but student projects have become more sophisticated, and general use is in higher demand. The need for a more robust, educationally focused 3D printer became a priority. We decided to go with the uPrint Plus SE.¬† … More 3D Printer Upgrade!!!

A Recipe for Success

The Innovation staff is available for teacher drop ins throughout the day to discuss curriculum development, project scheduling, and training on the tools. Jona Braden, the Assistant Athletic Director and Varsity Volleyball Head Coach, dropped by the lab to get help with a project for her team. Coach Braden knows that character development is just … More A Recipe for Success

The Outsiders Returns

The Sixth Grade English students extended their understanding of the novel The Outsiders by creating a model town based on the text. The students had to construct the town based on scale models and guided by the descriptions in the book. The students in each class began with complete autonomy, only guided by the framework … More The Outsiders Returns