Orchestra and Advertising

Course: Junior Chamber Orchestra Teachers: Bo Na & Rebecca Colborg Frederick Students: 6th-8th grade  Description of project: For our project, students wrote, designed, and recorded their own advertisement to recruit future orchestra students. They had to pick from one of the two orchestra pieces we were playing (Ludwig’s Tangl or Amadeus) for their sound track … More Orchestra and Advertising

3D Bar Graphs

Course: 7th grade pre-algebra     Teacher: Gary Brown   Each student chose a quote from one of four categories: Love, Challenge, Lead, Change. We created a spreadsheet to calculate the frequency of each letter in their quote – this took some effort. Students decided to include punctuation in the counts. Once we knew the number … More 3D Bar Graphs

Shark Tank Rebooted

Future Shark Tank competitors in Mrs. Sumner’s Economics for Entrepreneurs had their first exposure to building a prototype in the STEAM Lab. In this case, it was a special chair for a Scooby Doo character. Design Thinking and the particular needs of the character were explained the day before, and the students sketched their design … More Shark Tank Rebooted


Ms. Baker’s 6th grade art classes dove right back into the year, coming into the STEAM lab to continue working on their hoverboards.  Students are in groups and using plywood, vinyl, staples, lots of tape, and leaf blowers to design their own hoverboards in all shapes and sizes. These hoverboards will be used as part … More Hoverboards

Future Cities

Have you ever stopped to think about what our planet will look like 100 years from now? How have our cities changed over the last 100 years? These are questions that a few students from Mrs. Bleich’s and Mr. Mackey’s Future Cities classes are trying to tackle. The Westminster Middle School is competing in this year’s … More Future Cities

Dia de los Muertos!

Hola! Dia de los Muertes has come to the STEAM Lab! This tradition is celebrated all over the world, but especially in Mexico, where it is a public holiday celebrated 10/31-11/2. It dates back to the indigenous people of Mexico, however the holiday is celebrated throughout the world, including Westminster! Traditions connected with the holiday … More Dia de los Muertos!


Our Robotics had their first competition on Saturday, and guess who successfully placed first?!?! That’s right! Our very own Wiredcats! A picture (and videos) are worth a thousand words! Check out this awesome collection of video and pictures of our team competing! Also, we have some final products from the tape art from Mrs. Baker’s … More Champions!


This week, the lab was occupied with two different sets of classes working on projects. Mrs. Weininger’s Shark Tank economics class was building the first set of prototypes for their projects. The students have a wide variety of projects including improved sports equipment, self-closing containers, toilet seat lights, water filters, pot stirrers, and other exciting … More Prototyping

Arduino Training

As students begin to develop their Science Fair projects, we have begun Arduino training during Office Hours in the STEAM Lab. Many students will be using Arduino components of programming for their science fair experiments, and we have purchased Sparkfun Inventor Kits to help students learn how to program. Our training last week was on … More Arduino Training

Maker Faire

The Maker Faire was a HUGE success! Our Brush Bots were so popular that we ended up running out of materials at the end of both Saturday and Sunday. By the end of Day 1, we had gone through 300 brushbot kits! We had makers of all ages who loved making their own brushbot. We … More Maker Faire