Making Africa

Say the word “French,” and for many of us, visions of chocolate crepes and the Eiffel Tower come to mind. But did you know that Africa has 31 French speaking countries that includes approximately 115 million people? French students in Mme. Orsini’s classes studied African proverbs that were then translated into wearable art made in … More Making Africa

Math Patterns Project

Patterns are found everywhere: in nature, in structure, and especially in a well crafted designs! This week, 7th Grade Math came into the Innovation Lab to test their pattern making skills! While some chose to make light displays, others made patterns in cupcake decoration designs, and even elephant’s toothpaste recipes!  Here are a few of the … More Math Patterns Project

Leadership Retreat

Today, all of the Leadership Councils took an off-campus trip over to Trinity Church for the annual leadership retreat. After the get-to-know-you games, we ate pizza, and listened to a great speech by Rev. McCormick. Once back at school, the STEAM Council got to work on some important projects. Re-Design of the tool room. Film … More Leadership Retreat

Crazy for Cricut!

A few weeks ago, my sister-in-law made me this tumbler with my name and school logo on it. How did she make those amazing stickers? The Cricut machine! After testing out one, we ordered 2 more! I had my 7th grade science students use the Cricut Air to make lettering, stencils, and cut-outs for their … More Crazy for Cricut!

Tools Tour

Today the Econ for Entrepreneurs classes took a hands-on tour of the Innovation Lab, featuring the Miter saw, band saw, electric screw drivers, drills, and soldering irons. We encourage all classes to take tours of the lab space to open students minds to the possibilities and to take their projects to the next level!  

3D Printer Upgrade!!!

The Innovation Lab opened in October 2015 with two Up Mini 3D printers. These printers worked great for us, but student projects have become more sophisticated, and general use is in higher demand. The need for a more robust, educationally focused 3D printer became a priority. We decided to go with the uPrint Plus SE.  … More 3D Printer Upgrade!!!